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  • User-Friendly
  • Pure SSD Drives
  • Fast & Secure Server
  • Shell Include
  • 99.99% Uptime

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You are charged based on the Web Space and the No. of Pages specified for each plan.

Wordpress 1






Server Resources Allocation

Plan 1

  • 2 GB
  • 2 Core
    CPU Limit
  • 100%
    CPU Speed
  • 2 MB/s
    I/O Speed
  • 50
    Entry Process
  • 200
    Number of Process
  • 1,00,000
    INodes Limit
  • Run Python App
  • Run Nodejs App
  • Shell Access

Plan 2

  • 4 GB
  • 4 Core
    CPU Limit
  • 100%
    CPU Speed
  • 4 MB/s
    I/O Speed
  • 100
    Entry Process
  • 400
    Number of Process
  • 2,00,000
    INodes Limit
  • Run Python App
  • Run Nodejs App
  • Shell Access

Optimized WordPress Hosting Features

Rock-solid security

You'll get WordPress-specific firewalls, as well as regular malware scans and intrusion detection.

Customer confidence

We give attention to our customer need, also takeownership of customer issues and problems.

Better SEO rankings

SEO hosting refers to services that use various hosting techniques for performing well in search engines.


Wordpress Hosting include a free SSL certificate options and other security features as part of higher-priced plans.

Help you 24 hours

Support is available always for our customer 24x7 via live chat and ticket email.


Budget Hosting

WordPress is a versatile platform that puts website creation in the hands of users of all kinds and all budgets.


FAQWhat is WordPress?

WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) that you can use to power your website on your own hosting plan. WordPress makes creating a blog, landing page, online store, forum or other website possible for users around the world. Since WordPress is a pretty lean framework, WordPress hosting helps you to make the most out of this.

If you currently run a mid to high traffic WordPress site and are seeing a decline in your performance, then you could definitely benefit from WordPress specific hosting.

Most high-traffic WordPress sites that switch over to WordPress hosting will see an overall improvement in their performance and loading speeds.

WordPress hosting, particularly managed WordPress hosting, is completely engineered to provide the optimum hosting environment for WordPress sites. Mostly, it differs from other hosting environments by the setup and software configurations.

Free migration service is available with all our plans. Please contact our support, and one of our team member will assist you with the migration process.

WordPress itself is a free, open-source web software but to use it you will need to buy a web hosting plan.

Currently there are 169 locale WordPress translations available, with 10 of them at 100% up to date.

Absolutely not! Most WordPress users are not developers since there's no need to learn complicated CSS or PHP when there are plenty of feature rich themes and plugins to make changing your website easier.

To install WordPress using softaculous, check this article. WordPress Installation

Yes you can! With WordPress you have the option to install it locally (on your computer) on almost any operating system. Depending on your skill level you can use a third party software like Desktop Server or Local by Flywheel, or manually install WordPress using MAMP, WAMP or LAMP.

Not sure which version of WordPress your website is running on? Just log into your WordPress site and at the bottom right corner of your dashboard you should see your current version number.

Updates are easy, as you'll see them in your WordPress dashboard. To install an update click on the refresh/update icon or navigate to Dashboard > Updates and click the button to "Install Now." You should see a confirmation screen welcoming you to the latest version of WordPress once installation is complete.

The easiest way to change the look of your WordPress website is with a new theme. A WordPress theme is like a style skin for your website. Your theme will give your website a unique look, and depending on what's included in the theme it may also add features for customizations like colors, fonts, menus, widgets, pages, post types, post formats and much more.

Yes. With us you get a fully working WordPress setup with the ability to install any third party WordPress plugin, including those you create yourself. However, if you are using plugins that are insecure or recently been hacked, our systems may automatically disable these plugins.

Please keep in mind that installing WordPress plugins can break or adversely impact your website. Our technical support cannot guarantee to help you all plugins..

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